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Where To Get Cheap Board Games

Where To Get Cheap Board Games

Board games cater to the needs of people across all ages, from kids to senior citizens. And thanks to the way the market is designed, old and rare games can still be purchased in this age and time.

To get various kinds of board games, you only need to find your way to the right stores and online retailers. This can be quite tasking if you have something specific in mind and a limiting budget. So, if you are looking for directions on how to get access to cheap board games, then this article is for you.

Where To Get Cheap Board Games
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Inexpensive Online Game Shops

There are a couple of online shops where you can get cheap, high-quality games. Here is a list of a few of them:

1. Amazon

The largest one-stop online shop, Amazon, is one of the best places to find board games that are both popular and trending. New and used games from recent years to way back can be found here, too. You can seldom run out of options on Amazon. 

Apart from game sets themselves, Amazon also offers replacement items for game parts. Say you somehow misplace some of your Scrabble tiles, you can get a replacement on Amazon without having to purchase the entire set again.

You don’t have to put off playing a classic board game of Clue because of a misplaced “Confidential” envelope, as you can purchase this replacement item on Amazon.

A classic game like Monopoly can be purchased on Amazon for about $15. And a newer popular game like Settlers of Catan can be purchased for about $35.

People like to buy from a trusted retailer, and for the years Amazon has been around, the online retailer has consistently delivered on quality customer service. There are millions of reviews for various products to prove this. 

Plus, just before you make a purchase, you can check out the reviews given by customers who purchased that same product. This kind of prepares you for your gaming experience.

Anyway, here’s a board game for under 10 dollars on Amazon. Check it out.

Clue Game

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

2, Miniature Market

Having been in the market for about sixteen years, Miniature Market has expanded to sell over 50,000 items online in addition to their retail stock at their only brick and mortar store in West St. Louis County.

The beautiful online store thrives on offering a selection of games that cover a range of genres and feature titles that are rare and sometimes unavailable on some other online game stores.

Miniature Market can offer low prices on premium titles and the store has a very large stock of clearance sales. What makes this online gaming superstore stand out is that they also buy back your old game gears by paying you with in-store credit. 

International shipping is available and certainly not free. However, the stores offer free shipping for purchases over $99 made in the United States. At Miniature Market, board games can be gotten for as low as $5.

3. Noble Knight Games

Noble Knight Games has been serving the needs of gamers since 1997 with over 250,000 in-stock products. They have a soft spot for out-of-print and one-of-a-kind games.

It is not surprising that a large portion of their inventory is from gamers like you, as they are enthusiastic about purchasing those games people no longer want, whether they are new or used.

Apart from getting store credits for these trades, you can even make a cash sale.

The website is one of the advanced in the gaming industry. Plus, you can make special requests via e-mail or the special automated Want List of any game you want but can’t locate in their catalog. Once your selection is available, you will get a prompt e-mail.

They have one brick and mortar store located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

They also offer international shipping and work hard at keeping your custom duties to a minimum.

If you are in the United States, however, and want to make a domestic purchase, they offer free shipping on orders over $149. Codenames and some other party games can be purchased for about $20, while kid games like Spot It can be gotten for less than $20.

4. Cool Stuff Inc.

One thing you can be sure to find on Cool Stuff Inc. is that there is always a large selection of games on sale. The store prides itself as being focused on the customers, hence, its very low prices, customer rewards system where customers earn as they spend, and huge discount sales.

It is very easy to navigate this online store that has a good library of titles and runs its events and podcasts. They also accept trade-ins, so your old, unwanted games have some value, after all.

For US orders of $100 or more, you get your games shipped free of charge. They have an impeccable card grading policy where they guarantee that the condition of every card will meet your expectations. They promise to take back the cards and refund your money in a situation where your expectations are not met.

Where To Get Cheap Board Games
Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash

5. Game Nerdz

Since 2015, Game Nerdz have been providing competitive prices, speedy delivery, and amazing customer service to gamers. This online game store, along with other services, provides you with a platform for buying and sending gift certificates.

For orders of $75 or more, your games will be shipped at no cost, as long as it is within the continental United States. If you are in the United States and are unable to get to that threshold, you only need to pay a flat rate of $5 for your entire order.

6. BoardGameBliss

Founded in 2013, the brand BoardGameBliss believes that games, especially the new modern games, serve as an excellent medium for bringing joy to families, children, and friends.

The online store carries a lot of modern board games across a range of genres that fit different people and age groups. 

With an up-to-date library, the store has a Daily Deal feature where a single game is discounted. This allows you to get invested in gaming without paying too much or giving up that major title you have been looking forward to getting.

While the store — which has a brick and mortar location — is based in Canada, they also ship to the United States and even offer free shipping for orders between 200 and 800 Canadian Dollars.

For orders below the 200 Canadian Dollar threshold, you will have to pay a shipping rate of between 11.95 and 14.95 Canadian Dollars. Please note that these rates are only for orders within the Continental United States of America.

7. Sci-Fi City

The name of this store pretty much gives you a clue about their focus. But if somehow, you need more convincing, the color scheme, logo, and layout of the site will probably do it for you.

Sci-Fi City has a vast catalog of board games on offer, including card and dice-based games. The majority of the board games here are sci-fi and fantasy based, which should not be surprising.

This online store has three brick and mortar locations in Knoxville, Tennessee, Orlando, Florida, and Cincinnati, Ohio.

At the moment, they ship only to the 48 contiguous US states. To enjoy shipping at no cost, your order needs to be over $75. If it is not up to that, then a standard shipping fee of $9 will be charged.

8. BoardGameGeek.com Marketplace

BoardGameGeek is a large worldwide community of gamers interested in solely board games. This accounts for the over 100,000 board games, tabletop games, and card games that are available on offer here.

The Geek Market — which is the section of the website that caters to the purchasing need of gamers like you — is almost the best place for your used games acquisition. 

The website has a game rating system, where favorites are published in a ranked list. Recent games, as well as vintage games, are available for purchase here.

The Geek Market features photos of the game conditions, lists selling conditions, and reasonable prices for these used games. Please note that the displayed prices exclude shipping fees.

9. Gamers Alliance

Gamers Alliance, since 1986, has maintained an impressive master catalog of the world’s best selection of out-of-print games. A cursory glance at their sample catalog includes games from Avalon Hill, Parker Brothers, and 3M Games.

No Apologies! by Parker Brothers

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

A small annual membership fee will grant you access to view their full catalog and also get the quarterly newsletter that contains premium game reports and reviews.

If there are rare, one-of-a-kind boardgames that you have been searching for, then a visit to the Gamers Alliance website will be a fruitful one.

Even if you do not have a particular game in mind, but will like to have a “vintage” experience, then titles dating way back in time should catch and hold your attention. Some of these titles include Charlie Chan Detective Mystery Game (1937), Space Pilot (1951), Steve Jackson’s Illuminati (the 1980s), and World of Warcraft Adventure Game (2008).

World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game - Character Pack: Dongon Swiftblade

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

Low Price Retail Locations

Sometimes, you might need to get a game and not want to wait for X number of days for it to be shipped, so, you just have to go in person to stores.

Although you will not have a wide selection of these games, you will get something good. The selection of available games will depend on such factors as location and demand. 

1. Thrift Shops

If you are not particular about getting a brand-new game, visit a thrift shop. As long as you don’t have anything too specific in mind, you are sure to leave the shop happy.

For one thing, you honestly cannot expect a lesser inexpensive deal anywhere else. At a thrift shop, you can typically get a good game for a few dollars. 

However, you will have to carefully examine the game you get to be sure that all the game pieces are with the game set you are purchasing. This is because there is no guarantee that all the original pieces will still be intact in the board set you are getting, as thrift shops offer used games.

Still, most of the games sold there are in good condition. Plus, you don’t have to pay for shipping.

And in a case where you still want an unopened game set in better condition, a trip to other stores should do it. 

2. Big Box Stores

Large retail establishments like Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Target, and other big-box stores are good places to find common and popular games for people of all ages.

It might be tough finding a wide selection of games at these stores, but you are sure to find most of the classic games. Besides, these stores offer good deals at low prices on these games.

3. Specialty Stores

For your specialized, rare, and niche games, the big box stores may not keep you satisfied. So, we suggest you take a ride over to specialty stores like Noble Knight and Miniature Market to get those classic sci-fi and fantasy games.

If these stores are quite a distance from where you are, you just might have to do an online purchase if a search through your favorite local gaming store doesn’t yield much.

4. Comic Books And Card Shops

If there is a comic book store or card shop close to where you stay, then you could stop by for a visit because they are pretty likely to offer some collectible and trendy games for sale.

You can go as far as asking if they accept trade-ins on used games or other collectibles. This will guarantee that you get a better deal than expected. 

The comic book stores will more likely feature many specialty superhero versions of classic games, while the card shops are more likely to have sports or role-playing games in stock.

Hasbro Gaming Marvel Spider-Man Web Warriors Chutes & Ladders Game

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

5. Dollar Tree

Ever heard of those stores that sell items for $1 or less? Irrespective of what the item is, you can rest assured that it won’t cost more than a dollar. Yes, Dollar Tree is one of such stores.

You can stop over at any of the stores to check out $1 versions of classic board games like Checkers and Chess. Depending on the dollar store you visit, they also offer small generic games for each holiday season.

You can get great games for kids at these stores. And because of the incredibly low price, you could as well build your board game collection from items gotten here.

6. Off-Price Retail Chains

Ross, TJ Maxx, Big Lots, and Gabe’s are the top off-price retailers that sell high-quality goods, including board games at discount prices. You can find these cheap games in their toy and novelty gift sections.

The selection of games at each store will depend largely on what is stocked at the location nearest to you. If you are not too specific about the game titles, these stores are amazing for finding huge deals on popular and unique games.

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