What To Do With Old Board Games — 15 Amazing Tips

Board games have been around for as long as we can remember. Most of us spent our childhood around them, either trying to buy all the property we could in a game of Monopoly, or trying to reach the top of the board in snakes and ladders.

What To Do With Old Board Games
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These classic board games served as fun ways for family bonding and entertainment. However, since the advent of video games, the popularity of board games hasn’t been the same anymore.

Anyway, though, your reason for wanting to dispose of your old board games might differ from the next person’s.

Regardless of what your reasons are for wanting to let of that old board game, we are here to help you make the right decision. In the course of this article, we will walk you through how you can give your old games a purpose again.

What Can You Do With Your Old Board Games?

1. Make Wonderful Art Pieces

When you think about it, many of these game boards give off some artistic vibes. So, instead of tossing out your old board game, why not frame it and hang it on the wall?

This way, you not only get to keep a piece of your favorite board game, but you also get the chance to make your house look a little more interesting. Think about it, how many people have art made out of game boards on their walls?

The Chinese checkerboard looks particularly stunning when it is hung.

2. Repurpose Old Game Pieces

Wait! Before you proceed, we need you to use your imagination well. You can use your old scrabble tiles to create signs around the house. For example, the “toilet” sign in scrabble tiles.

It is a fun, cool way to mix things up. This idea even works better if you own or manage a bar or restaurant. 

Another interesting way to repurpose old game pieces would be to convert pieces from your chess set to cork stoppers for wine or soda bottles.

This alone is a conversation starter whenever you host parties in your home or when your customers are being served drinks at your bar.

Don’t be surprised if your customers demand specific game pieces to cork their wine bottles. Sometimes, people want to feel like a queen, knight, or king for the night.

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3. Make Shelves Out Of Your Board Games

You never run out the need for more space, why not utilize those boards to create more space in your home, rather than toss them out?

You can simply repurpose old game boards by using them as shelves. Get some L-shaped brackets and use them to hold ideas.

This will be particularly awesome in your game room or even more awesome in the children’s room. Add a little character to their space. Not every piece of furniture needs to be purchased from a store.

4. Make Bags Out Of Old Game Boards

Yes, it is doable. You can make stylish purses and bags using your old game boards.

Not only can you make them for yourself, they can also serve as great heartfelt gifts for people who appreciate the beauty of board games.

These board game purses aren’t even hard to make, all you need to do is bend the board of your choice in two and sew in the sides and handle around it.

Do not immerse these purses in water or get them wet, as most game boards are made out of cardboard. You wouldn’t want to ruin your handiwork just like that, now, would you??

5. Make Clocks

We find this one pretty interesting. You can make a Dominos using its game pieces. Simply find a piece of wood that will be useful for this purpose.

Use the domino tiles to depict the numbers around the clock and glue them to it. Complete this by adding a clock kit, and voila! You’ve got yourself an antique-looking Dominos clock.

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6. Make A Stylish Twister Raincoat

Seeing as the Twister board game is made of plastic, you can easily convert it into a raincoat; the material is waterproof.

This colorful board game will make a cute raincoat for your kids and you get to make an environmentally friendly choice by ensuring it doesn’t end up polluting the planet.

7. Make A Storage Box Out Of Them

Old board games like the Ouija usually come in sturdy wooden boxes that you can easily convert into a storage box.

If you are a cigar connoisseur, this makes for a very intriguing humidor.

Ouija boxes are also sturdy enough to be repurposed into side tables, depending on the size of yours, and how much time you are willing to put into it.

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8. Make Mini Notebooks

This is especially useful if you want to use them as souvenir for, say, your child’s birthday party.

Board games such as the Monopoly contain playing cards (the title deeds), which you can convert into mini note pads.

All you have to do is cut the papers into the same size as the playing cards and bind the cards to them as covers, how’s that for a different birthday souvenir, huh?

To get better results, make use of a binding machine.

9. Make Fun Keychains Out Of Them

Take out the dice from your old games and repurpose them into keychains. You can even attach them to your USB flash drives.

These USB drives are more attractive than the plain-looking, boring drives that are sold at tech stores. It also makes it easier for you to easily identify your USB drive should there ever be a mix-up.

Another piece from your favorite board game that would be cool for this are Jenga pieces.

These long wooden blocks make exceptional, hard to lose keychains. Simply drill a hole through the Jenga block and fit in your keyring into it.

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10. Give Them Out

We bet you didn’t see this coming, but you have to agree that it is also an option.

There are several thousand people who could benefit from, and would be grateful to get your old games from you.

Many elderly people, for instance, would kill to play chess and checkers once again.

Children in orphanages can learn the fundamentals of money and investing if you donate your Monopoly board game to them. Or they can learn to work up their brains by playing a game of Scrabble.

There are several other places you can donate your old games to, such as Youth centers, churches, family shelters, homeless shelters, therapy/rehabilitation centers, and so on.

Not only will you get that old board game off your hands, but you will also be doing a great service to humanity. 

11. They Make Really Great Coasters

No one likes seeing water rings on their tables and you can prevent this while you also repurpose old board games.

You can give your table an aesthetic feel by using an old game board as coasters. You can protect these coasters from liquid damage by applying a coat of clear sealer to them.

12. Make A Money Lamp

Ever hear of the phrase “money trees”? Well, those don’t exist, but you sure can end up with a money lamp, at least.

Please, don’t be confused, this won’t actually give you money, but you’ll like it nonetheless.

You can repurpose the money pieces in your Monopoly game set into a money lamp. Simply stick several notes of monopoly money to one of your lamps and feel that rich man energy any time you put it on.

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13. Give Your Coats An Antique Look

How? You ask. Simply repurpose old board games into coat hangers by attaching knobs to your game board and nailing it to the wall afterward.

This saves you floor space while also making your home very unique. 

14. Sell Them Off

Thanks to the advent of eBay and other online marketplaces, you can easily sell off your old board games online.

There are usually a lot of people eager to get board games off your hands, especially those looking to expand their board game collection.

Also, the more antique your board game is, the higher the board game’s worth. Who knows, you could make a decent sum of money by just selling off what you don’t need. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? 

15. Make New Board Games Out Of Them

If you are tired of your old board games, you can use pieces from it, or the game board itself to make a new and more exciting board game all by yourself.

Yes, you can! And it is not even so difficult. Check this article for tips on how to make homemade board games.


As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do with your old games, not everything has to be tossed away after they have seemingly served their purpose.

Aside the ideas we have up here, you can also use your imagination and see what you come up with. Share with us if you want.

Anyway, make sure that you have exhausted all your options before proceeding to dump that board game.

However, if all others fail, just settle for option 10; you can never really go wrong there.

And remember, like in the famous words of Macklemore; one man’s trash is another man’s come up. This applies to board games, too.

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