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How To Store Board Games — 6 Great Tips

How To Store Board Games — 6 Great Tips

The fun of having board games to play should be complemented with knowing how and where to keep them.

Many times, when the fun is done and the games are over, there might be home contentions about where to put away the board game boxes without leaving them sprawling on the floor or table.

You must learn to keep your spaces clean, declutter them, and make sure you have easy and well-fitting ways to get them back in use when you need to call for them another time.

So, whether you are a parent eager to keep the space fine, or a clean, whizzy player uninterested in cluttering your room, or an owner of a game space where people meet to play, it is important that you consider the various ways to get your board games well tucked in.

In whatever place you want to do this, setting up a game storage system for board games must be done with certain considerations in mind.

How To Store Board Games
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Factors Determining How To Store Board Games

Perhaps they don’t require much thinking from you, but it might be wise to consider the factors that should surround your decision.

You need to make sure if it is just all about space, but if that is not the challenge, what can you creatively consider before setting your game storage?

  • You must ensure that irrespective of the standard or ingenious storage models, your board game storage ideas must be done in a way that takes up less space. The goal is to set up spaces that allow freedom for other activities in your home or game room. 
  • If you are setting up in a home, you would want to keep your board game storage as distant as possible from the reach of small kids. It is the nature of children to mess up spaces to create imaginative reasons to have fun and play. You can save yourself the annoyance or exhaustion of having to react every time the kids do that.
  • On your own part, you need to make it easy for you to access the games. What is the essence of keeping your games tucked and organized if they are difficult to get to or pick out? Don’t put your board game boxes where you are uninspired to reach.
  • You must also find a very easy way to account for every game piece in your collection. They can stray unknowingly, get lost in motion, and you wouldn’t want to make it difficult to quickly have your games cleaned up when done. 
  • You might need to distinguish the board games between adult and kid users in the home so the younger users can find a means to choose the game they want or use when they are allowed to.

Ways You Can Store Board Games

1. Organize In A Wooden Shelf

You can set up a wooden game box shelf where you can keep your board game boxes in your home. That means you have all your games in a shelf pinned to your wall (perhaps a better wall fit for small-sized shelves than huge ones), either sitting on the ground or elevated to a space against the wall.

If you have little kids in the house, they could be a handful, so, a suspended shelf where only adults can reach might be a preferred idea.

There are homes where shelves are sorted into distinctive cabinets. These distinctions can be according to those who have access to the boxes or according to the sizes of the game.

If in a shelf, for example, there are two sides in a cabinet, you can sort to identify the left side of your cabinet for adult board games and put at the right side the kid-friendly games.

It could be the same if the cabinets are separated horizontally instead of vertically. The adults’ plank could be above while the kids’ plank could be below for easier distinction and access. This way you can avoid confusion as to what is kept where and why.

It generally works fine when boxes are kept on horizontal slide-out shelf. It allows you to access the inner parts of your cabinets, too.

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Another way you can organize your shelf is to do so by size. Not all board games come in standard-size shapes or boxes. Rather, individual games come with their own custom-size or peculiar shapes and boxes. This could increase difficulty in getting the boxes sorted as at when due and in what order.

However, you can create an order that allows you file your board game boxes in view of their shapes. Here, you can choose what works for you.

Your preference could, however, be to put the bigger game boxes below and the small-shaped ones above them. That helps your order and organization look more decent and attractive. 

An important hack here is to stack and arrange — not stuff and bury — game boxes into the shelf. As folded clothes in a wardrobe improves the scenery of your wardrobe, so does a properly arranged game set in your home.

You also need to note that games stay and survive longer when they are in good shape over time. You increase the chances of your game boards and/or boxes getting damaged easily and quickly if you do not stack them properly.

Always remember to set your shelf apart. It should be added that, although small shelves can serve its purpose, having cubby ones can prove a lot better and more effective. By virtue of their size, they are larger, and that means that larger boxes or multiple board games can be stacked there.

People use their closets as board game storage, and that’s fine if you choose to, too. You can effectively sum your arrangement in a way that simplifies how other items and accessories are fitted for ease of reference and pick in the closet. You can have an organized playroom board game storage there.

Kindly note that it makes best sense to always turn your board game boxes on their sides which allows you the ease to pick your game set without difficulty.

This is mostly done across stores, not just those who deal in games. You find this done in bookstores, too. It pays, apparently.

By the way, bookshelves that have pegs can also be a useful space for your board games. When you group the board games according to sizes, you can keep the games stacked without gaps clawing between items. 

2. Set Up A Rolling Table

Let this be your first consideration if your board game is a somewhat small collection or if it is a themed board game night.

You can unpack the table in your room in a way to create new space beneath the table’s surface spread. You can insert new planks of woods that can comfortably sit in the board game packs, and then put wheels on the tables legs to make for easy push when and where necessary.

It is often great to have a rolling table closer to family space for board games without resort to hanging shelves if the collections won’t take too much space.

It makes accessing your games very convenient and game collections are also mobile such that they can be easily moved in and out of space before and after use.

So, you have a movable playing surface that also doubles as a board game storage space.

3. Plastic Drawers As Alternatives

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Small plastic drawers generally make for a perfect alternative to shelves for game pieces. You can also easily label each of the drawers so you know exactly what game piece is kept where to know what you are looking for.

Separating game pieces is underrated, what many ignore is how really beneficial this is. When you separate pieces and/or cards themselves, you are not overtly worried about where they are because they would have been put in a marked, specific drawer.

You can also separate the game piece by custom labeling jars that can be kept in the drawers.

Naturally, for those who play many games that have lot of pieces; the likes of checkers, scrabbles, chess, etc., it makes sense to have distinguished, labelled jars where you can keep your pieces in.

Your labels can be in words or numbers or even designs. What you must ensure is a feedback note that helps you identify quickly the count of your pieces and whether they are in order and in the right mix.

As a tip, doing this could mean that the jars be kept in the shelf or in the plastic drawers or placed in any hanging plank or wood-board in the home.

Also, the risk with shelves at times is that your boards can get pulled out when you least expect by accident. That risk is reduced or almost non-existent when board games are stored in drawers. 

4. Hang On Walls As Art Pieces

How To Store Board Games
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

This might sound like an unconventional approach, but it is sure a potent way to conserve space and neatly keep your board games.

There are some board games that surface board designs are embroiled with beautiful artistry and fun art-themed graphics.

It is important to mention that creativity with what you have, either in terms of the type of game board or space, calls for ingenuous board game storage ideas.

There are many game collections that come with invested themes that pay obsessive attention to quilting, crafting, and many more. A game board can, therefore, be more than just a board, it could be a decent addition to what goes on to your wall in your home. 

5. Repurpose Old Items or Spaces

If there are old items in your home or garage or store you are tempted to dispose for lack of use, changing them to what can be used for your old items can be the most meaningful use of your past items.

Your hanging closet doesn’t have to give way for newer ideas. They are so adaptable that it is easy to find them useful for other purposes – like storing your board games in them.

If also, for example, you are leaning towards disposing a ladder you have and no longer in need of, you can repurpose its value and turn the ladder steps into sets of shelving racks that you can use to stack your board games.

It is not just your ladder, but any other item with space, open or detachable options for you to keep, take and/or draw things out.

Old items for use might not just be what is in your house but what is in cheap stores to buy at very low bargain. There are scrapbook cases, dice vaults, and many more that could become useful spaces for board game storage. 

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6. Buy Board Game Storage

Rather than finding what item to build or what to reuse, you can buy your board games storages and fit them in whatever space you want them in.

This works not just for homes where board games are popularly used but game stores or bars where people meet to play them.

There are some of the storage items that are convertible, too. People buy storages for different reasons; few reviewed their purchases for storages for other reasons aside storing board games which was converted for that purpose.

Some buy storages for paperbacks then use them for board games. Some convert potential shoe storages to board games storages, and many more.


It is safe to end by also saying that irrespective of your board gaming storage choice, never forget to get containers to replace broken boxes, or missing pieces, or parts of your board game collections.

Don’t be mistaken, the pieces are going to sprawl over everywhere at some point, and at different points, too.

When you find them, it helps to have a designated location where you drop them. It could be in another one of your customized jars or plastic game-piece bags.

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