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How To Sell Board Games — Important Notes & Steps To Take

How To Sell Board Games — Important Notes & Steps To Take

If you intend to sell anything, you will first have to find a place to sell from. Nowadays, it seems like the whole world is on the internet, so, you need to take your board games where the gamers are – online.

There are several online marketplace options for you to choose from. You can sell on more than one platform. That is just like having various locations for stores.

The key is in letting more people reach you. However, it is important to know the rules guiding each online market place so that you can weigh your options well and make a well-informed decision.

Let us take a look at some of these market places where you can sell new or old board games.

How To Sell Board Games
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Where Can You Sell Board Games?

1. Noble King Games

This retailer is the largest board game buyer on the internet. Having been in business since 1997, they have over a quarter of a million items in stock.

Just as you can easily purchase different board games from this retailer, you can also sell huge collections to them. All you have is do is send them a list of all the games or collectible items you intend to sell, not failing to include with them the title, the manufacturer, edition of the game, cool expansion (if any), and condition — whether the pieces are complete or not.

What Noble King Games will offer for your game or collection will depend largely on the demand for that game, the condition and edition of the game, and their supply of the game.

If they are out of stock on the game you are offering up for sale or it is an out-of-print game, then they will definitely offer more for it.

3. BoardGameGeek

This platform provides you with an audience made up of only gamers, and you get to set the price you want for your game.

While it’s free to list your board games in the BoardGameGeek Marketplace, you will be charged 3 percent of the sale price when your game sells.

There is also a “Geeklist Auction” option that allows users to set a starting price and for a set amount of time, accept bids. As a seller, you are also at liberty to set your payment options.


This retailer is known for buying game collections. Instead of selling to other gamers, here, you will be selling directly to the store, and they will bear the risk of getting the board games sold or maintaining an inventory.

So, if you have a good number of board games you want to do away with, arranging them in a collection and selling them as such will be cost-effective for you. All you have to do is make a single shipment of all the games you want to sell rather than shipping them in handfuls.

5. Amazon & eBay

These two retailers are both well-established and trustworthy systems when it comes to second-hand sales.

The bidding system on eBay can provide you with a better sale price on your game. And with the way biddings go, that same system can get you to earn next to nothing on your game.

Another thing is that the visitors on these sites are not exclusively gamers, as the sites offer a myriad of other products as well. 

Amazon will require that you meet some conditions, especially around the holiday seasons, before your games can be sold on their site.

While Amazon and eBay tend to have higher selling fees than other sites, your board games are more likely to sell there.

How To Sell Board Games
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Finding Good Places To Buy From

The key to profit-making is spending less to make more. You will need to find more than one good place to get your board games from. Here are a couple:

1. Yard Sales/Garage Sales/Estate Sales

Sourcing for board games to thrive in the business may include a great deal of leg work and perseverance. You never know when someone may be unloading a treasure chest-full of their collection of games all at once.

Board games are undoubtedly cheap here, so cash-strapped sellers can restock here. To find these gems, however, you will have to go from a yard sale to the other garage sale, and not forget to look out for potential at the upcoming estate sale.

2. Thrift Or Secondhand Stores

Trips to thrift stores, whether local options or chains, will be beneficial to you as they generally have a good supply of games sold at low prices.

Next time when you go over there and are scanning for housewares or books, be sure to keep your eyes open for games, too. You never know what you just might find.

3. Amazon & eBay

It is possible to find people on Amazon and eBay who will be willing to sell to you at rates you consider to be reasonable. It is possible to buy from one platform and resell on the other.

For example, someone was said to have bought “Nightmare Video Board Game” at a yard sale and gone ahead to sell it Used on Amazon for $25. The game sold quickly, so, he decided to see if he could find it somewhere else online to restock and resell. He ended up finding it New on eBay for $50.

After making the purchase, he went ahead to sell it on Amazon for $170, making a profit of more than $80, after subtracting the fees and cost of the game on eBay.

On eBay, games are likely to cost a little more than they do locally, yet you can start your search for high-priced and rare games there.

However, you may not always rely on such sources as Amazon and eBay, too, have a steady supply of the games you want when you need them. So, you will have to look to other sources.

In addition to thrift stores and secondhand game stores, Craigslist is a good place to source your games from.

It might look like there are no board games out there, but when you start looking, you will discover that they are everywhere, just waiting for you to find them.

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Learning Which Games Are Worth Much

The keyword here is “learn.” This will take some time and lots of practice, so, you need to be patient and consistent.

Games are worth what they are worth depending on certain conditions. It is, therefore, important for you to keep an eye on online lists and sales. Let us give you a few tips on this:

  • Games that are no longer produced will tend to worth more than a new game that is still being produced and sold.
  • In the same way, following the economics law that scarcity creates its demand, limited special editions should fetch a higher price. 

Imagine you find a rare version of Monopoly at a store. The storekeeper offers it at a very low price because a friend abroad had sold some to her for almost nothing. But instead of buying it for a few dollars, you go home without it just because it is not the kind you are used to.

A week later, your friends from different cities are raving about that particular Monopoly game. By the time you decide to purchase the game, the storekeeper has a different story to tell than the first time. The game either goes for way more money due to its demand or is no longer in stock.

  • Keep an eye out for older games, even games you have not heard of before. If you see one that is for sale at a low price, it may be worth getting it now and figuring out its worth later. That kind of board game has two things going on for it. One, it is old, and also, it is a rare kind.

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Marketing The Game

Now that you know where to find buyers, where to buy from when you need to restock, and how to know the worth of games, you need know how to market your game.

People will only know what you are selling when you market it. People will be able to appreciate the worth of a game when you market it well. Besides, there are other sellers on the internet, so, marketing your game well will get people to know that you have something special to offer.

You may not be the only one with a rare game out there, so, you need to set a good price by creating competition. Here are a few pointers to help:

  • Improve the appearance of your game and take good pictures of it to post online.
  • Provide a good, honest description of your game. This should contain what your game includes and does not include. 

The keyword there is “honest”, because you need to maintain a good reputation and not hurt your potential to make money.

Your description should make your game sound good, and it should also be honest. Also, if it is a rare game, your description is a great place to mention that fact.

Now, we will move to a more detailed process of how to sell your board games on Amazon, the world’s largest and most trusted online retailer for customers of almost everything.

Selling On Amazon

Having your games available through Amazon is an amazing opportunity to make some really good sales.

Without doing proper research beforehand, the system at Amazon, which is not difficult to use, may seem pretty intense and intimidating. Let us help you get started right away.

1. Get A UPC 

Before you begin to sell any item on Amazon, you need to first secure a UPC for that item. A UPC is a universal product code. If you intend to sell X number of items on Amazon, you will need to secure UPCs for that number. These codes are inexpensive and can be gotten through two options:

a. Buy From A Barcode Reseller

Resellers can get access to these codes through two options. They could have bought them directly from the official company that gives out UPCs, which is GS1. Or they got them from businesses who purchased more barcodes than they needed before GS1 changed to a subscription service.

When you buy your UPCs from resellers, however, the first six digits of the UPC number will match with another company other than yours.

While this might not be a deal-breaker for Amazon or small retailers, big box stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy may not be willing to stock your products when you use any of these secondhand codes.

You will have to look out for the clause that says the UPCs have not been used before to make sure that your game is not confused for some other random product.

b. Buy Directly From GS1

Buying from GS1 will cost you way more, but it’s safer to deal directly with the company responsible for UPCs. As a plus, all the big box retailers will have no qualms allowing your products on their shelves.

2. Sign Up To Sell On Amazon

Having secured the UPC for your game, you have taken care of the most confusing part. You simply have to sign up for the service on Amazon.

  • Go to the ‘Make Money With Us’ section found at the bottom of the home page of Amazon.
  • Click ‘Sell on Amazon’.

You will be presented with the following options:

a. Sell As An Individual

Selecting this option will start a Sign-Up process for you and it means that you will be charged a $0.99 fee per item sold plus some additional selling fees.

 b. Sell As A Professional

This option will cost you $39.99 per month plus additional selling fees regardless of the number of items you sell.

However, this package comes with a few perks added to it, which are not restricted to advanced selling options and access to restricted categories.

From this point on, we will assume that you selected the option to sell as an individual.

3. Sign In To Amazon

After going through the normal sign-in process as any shopper would, you should find yourself inside Amazon Seller Central, and the following steps will help you further:

a. Add Your Product 

  • Click the ‘Manage Inventory’ from the ‘Inventory’ drop-down tab that is found at the top of the page.
  • Click ‘Add a Product’ found at the top right corner of the ‘Manage Inventory’ page.

You will then be asked to categorize your product, which should come under ‘Toys and Games.’ You will be required to fill in many blanks with every necessary detail needed to describe your game, including the weight of your game and the dimensions of its packaging. This will enable Amazon to correctly calculate the shipping costs.

Make sure you include at least one clear photo of the game according to the guidelines specified by Amazon.

4. Get Your Game ‘Fulfilled By Amazon’

This step is optional but highly recommended for your good. While your game is now on Amazon and it can easily be purchased, you might not be satisfied with some things.

For one thing, customers will expect your product to be eligible for Amazon Prime, or free shipping, at least. But to have this happen will require that you have your item labeled FBA (i.e., Fulfilled By Amazon). 

Fulfilled By Amazon items are eligible for pretty much all the perks that Amazon has to offer. And this is basically because these items will be fulfilled from Amazon’s warehouses straight to customers.

While the fee for FBA purchases is about 35 percent, you will also be required to pay little fees monthly for warehousing your products.

However, beyond the small perks, Amazon will handle everything about the orders for your board game, from filling the orders and handing out the profits to you as they are sold.

5. Send To Amazon

This is the last step for you. Customers who see your board game may want to purchase it, but for Amazon to indicate that the game is ‘In Stock,’ it must get from you to Amazon. So, send them to Amazon to start to sell board games.

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