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How To Organize Board Games — 10 Great Tips

How To Organize Board Games — 10 Great Tips

Call us old fashioned, but the truth remains that there is a lot of satisfaction in looking your friend/opponent in the eye while trying to figure out what their next move may be. 

What we are trying to say is that good old board games will never be obsolete to us. And if you are here, it means you are like us, too.

How To Organize Board Games
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Now, clutter surely does not look appealing in any environment – scientists even say that clutter can bring about stress subconsciously.

This is why you need these tips we will be giving you today to help you properly arrange and organize every board game in your possession and do away with clutter.

Let us get right to it.

Useful Tips To Help You Organize Your Board Games

There are several ways to ensure that your board games are stored properly and we will be breaking them down into easy to understand categories below. Come with us!

1. Utilize Your Coffee Table

Depending on the sizes of your game boxes, you can use some space on your coffee table to organize your board games.

This way, your board games are easy to access and open to anyone who comes into your living room; a great way to kick start a game night, isn’t it?

However, if you have kids in the house, this could be a little bit of an inconvenience. Your kids may end up messing up your board games too often, or they could even swallow tiny parts, which is a dangerous thing.

Well, we will say that this option is best for couples who have grown up children or single individuals.

Although there are lift-top coffee tables which are more feasible to use as they can store your game boxes conveniently without your kids having access to them.

2. Purchase A Carrying Case

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This is another very feasible and comfortable way to store your board games.

They come in several sizes allowing you to use it regardless of how many game boxes you own.

And you know, game night will not always be at your house. This carrying case will help you conveniently transport some of your board games to your friend’s.

Speaking of game night, here is one you could introduce to your friends on the next hangout. It is so much fun.

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3. Have A Separate Shelf For Your Game Collection

Let’s not pretend, sometimes we just want to flaunt our game collection to other enthusiasts. That doesn’t make you narcissistic, some of us just take pride in knowing that we have a vast collection of board games. 

So, if you are a DIY kind of person, you can always construct a shelf for your games.

If you’re not, you can just order a shelf off the internet, as the rest of us do; the important thing is that you have an orderly way of finding any board game you might be looking for while making your living room or game room look awesome.

A useful tip with this is to assign each section of the shelf to specific kinds of board games.

In order to properly utilize the space on your shelf, it is advisable that you stack your board games according to size. i.e. the biggest board games at the bottom and the smallest at the top.

Any other way to effectively utilize your shelf space would be playing with the arrangement of the board games in it. For example, you could have some board games placed vertically while others are placed horizontally.

Please don’t do this in a haphazard way or else, you will be left with a messy looking shelf of board games.

4. Make Use Of That Extra Closet Space

This is usually the first thought that crosses the minds of many when such issues arise.

Instead of leaving out all that extra space, you can try to fit in a game or two in there. If you are lucky enough, it will fit all your board games.

5. Make Use Of Book Holders

You know those book holders that you have to close in at both ends? That’s an excellent way to organize your board games.

Simply stack each board game vertically against one another, according to size or whatever order suits you, then close off the end with the other piece of your book holder. 

This way you can see the title off the spine of each game; easy access without having to go through the motions of having them fall like dominos (get it?) after picking a board from the bottom.

This option is also very useful in saving time when looking for a specific board game, as the visibility of the title of each game removes the need to take down several board games and checking their top covers for confirmation.

6. Use Tin Cans With Lids

You know not every board game actually comes with a “board”, right? That said, you can use containers with lids to store games like Dominos.

Also, you can use this as an effective way to store the chips to your board games whose cases have been damaged or lost, all you have to do is store the boards separately in a safe place.

7. Reinvent Your Old Ladder

This does take some work. To get it done, all you need are construction square boxes with one open end to fit each rung of the ladder and have it lean against a wall.

The spaces left in between will be cozy enough to fit board games of any size, plus it will also look artistic.

8. Let Go Of Incomplete Games

This is also a very important tip when it comes to organizing your board games. Go through each one to confirm if all game pieces are complete. If they aren’t, then sadly, you would have to let them go.

This may sting to hear, but it is much better to say goodbye than to waste valuable space trying to save your favorite game which is hardly useful anymore.

Instead, you could simply replace it with a new set, or in the worst case, move on from that board game.

Now, here is one you could consider as a replacement. This is a family game and it costs less than 30 dollars.

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9. Toss Out The Bad Covers

Game boxes which are no longer durable and sturdy eat up valuable space. So, the trick in a situation like this is to toss out the bad box and take your time to work on a better cover for your beloved game.

This way you can easily arrange it with the rest of your board games on your shelf or on any order organization system that you have going on.

10. Gaming Towers

These are usually used for video game consoles, but who says that they can’t also be used to store board games?

These towers are especially useful because they were built to carry the weight of video games which are heavier than your average board game.

This means that you can stack a generous amount of board games on them without the fear of collapse. 

Having said all these, it is important that we impress upon you that keeping your board games organized is not a one-off affair, you must make sure to do this regularly.

To make this easy for you, you can schedule the organization of your board games on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. That should help. 

Well, if you have more board game storage ideas or you think there were some organization tips we left out, please, leave a reply and let us know.

For The Lovers Of Card Games

If you prefer card games over board games — or you are just as interested in cards as you are in board games — we also have one little tip for you for the road.

This is a simple solution to handling and organizing cards that you may find almost ridiculous — travel soap cases.

Regardless of how ridiculous this trick may seem to you, it actually ensures that you don’t have to worry about bent dogged edges while you store your cards.

It also makes card games twice the fun because most travel soap cases are capable of holding two decks of cards at once.

Well, if you happen to be looking for card games for your next adult games night, here is one to check out.

Cards Against Humanity

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