Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Board Games — 15 Thoughtful Suggestions

Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Board Games — 15 Thoughtful Suggestions

Gifts are appreciated for different reasons by different people. For some who value well-priced items, they will appreciate an expensive gift more than an inexpensive one.

Some others measure value based on needs that are met, so, if the gift can meet a pressing need, they will value it more than others irrespective of the price tag on it.

And yet for some others, they place value on the thought behind the gift. For them, regardless of the price tag and if the gift meets an immediate need, they will appreciate it for the singular fact that you thought to get them a gift.

Whatever you do, make sure the person receiving your gift is glad they got something from you. You might not please everyone all the time, but be sure to think up a gift that will please the receiver.

Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Board Games
Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

If the person is a board game lover, we are here to help you reach someone’s soft spot with this article. Let’s go!

If Not Board Games, What Else?

A board game is probably the first thing that comes to mind to give to a board game lover. But when we zoom in on that thought for a few more seconds, we realize that a board game as a gift might not work for some reasons. 

Chief among them is the fact that your gift could be a duplicate of something already in their collection. That is, assuming you have no idea about what board games they want to get next. And except the set they already have has got some pieces missing, then the new board game set might not be of much use to them. 

Another reason is that the board game you know they need may be more expensive than your budget can foot. So, the way forward is to consider non-board game gifts that still reflect the board game spirit.

Let us take a look at some simple but great options.

Gift Ideas Comparison Table

ItemPrice Range
Dice Set$10 to $30
Metal Gaming Coins$30 to $50
Start Player$18 to $27.28
Dungeons And Dragons Rule Book$33.33
Coasters$16 to $50
Dice Tray$8 to $285
Plastic Organizer$9 to $25
Handmade Card Holders$6 to $50
Gaming Mat or Game Table Cover$12 to $40
Mugs and Glasses$11 to $21
Posters and Stickers$2 to $25
Meeple Cloth and Accessories$1.50 to $32
Magazine Subscription$5.99 to $64.99 
Unique Board Games$5 to $169
Gift CardsAt least $25
Gift Ideas For Someone Who Loves Board Games
Photo by Jaciel Melnik on Unsplash

1. Dice Set

Every board game lover knows that dice can be likened to a staple on any tabletop. It is better to have spare dice than to keep searching for one.

i. Wyrmwood Gaming RPG Dice

If you want top-quality dice sets for that tabletop game enthusiast, Wyrmwood offers a wide selection of dice in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes, including acrylic and stone.

Each set comes with 7 standard polyhedral dice and three extra D6s, giving you a set of ten. In place of ‘6’, each D6 features the maker’s marker – the Wyrmwood Shield.

They also offer a set of high-quality six-sided dice known as the Wyrmwood Logo Dice Set. Which comes at a lower price than the polyhedral dice sets.

ii. Cheesex Pound-O-Dice

The Cheesex Pound-O-Dice will keep any fanatic RPG player satisfied with dice to last a long time. It is a full one pound of dice mixed in a variety of colors and shapes.

A set is made up of between 80 and 100 dice in a bag. The sizes in each bag may include 6, 8, 10, 12, and even 20-sided dice in different colorways and styles such as rainbow, translucent, speckled, marble, and opaque.

Chessex Pound-O-Dice

Click here to check it out and buy on Amazon.

iii. Wiz Dice Hafling’s Haversack

This set features 140 mini polyhedral dice of 20 colors in complete sets of 7 contained in a tiny dice bag, which is about 60 percent smaller than the bags Wiz Dice usually provides.

This dice set is different shades of adorable and the right gift for a board game lover on many levels.

The miniature dice come splashed with glitters and pearls bursting in various colors. Their cute size makes them travel-ready, and the Halfling’s Haversack displays an amazing full-size embroidery.

Wiz Dice Halfling's Haversack - 140 Mini Polyhedral Dice, 20 Colors in Complete Sets of 7, Miniature 10mm Pocket Size is Portable and Great for Travel

Click here to check it out and buy on Amazon.

2. Gaming Coins

There is a particular appeal that only real metal coins are responsible for. They draw you into the game and the feel of the shiny coins in your hands makes you feel rich and satisfied.

What we are saying here is that metal gaming coins are a great gift and come in handy as add-ons for many games.

Apart from the ones mentioned here, there are other sets of metal gaming coins available in the market.

We will like to point out that the price of the coins depends largely on the number of coins that make up a set and the quality of the materials used in its crafting.

i. Stonemaier Games Scythe Metal Coins

These metal coins by Stonemaier Games are great add-ons for the game of Scythe and other board games that make use of coins in the gameplay. This set contains 80 custom metal coins with over 5 different kinds and custom artwork.

Stonemaier Games Scythe Metal Coins Board Game Addon, Accessory

Click here to check it out and buy on Amazon.

ii. Quined Games Metal Coins For Agra

These metal coins are superb for Agra and many other games. This set contains 69 pieces of finely-minted coins with an approximate thickness of 2.5 millimeters each. The coins are produced by zinc with bold 3D detailing and a hand-polished finish.

3. Start Player

If we should go with the report of BoardGameGeek, over 2.5 million games could be played every year if we did not spend so much time picking a player to start our games during game night.

Ted Alspach designed the Start Player to take care of the problem of easily picking a start player. The Start Player is a deck of 54 cards that helps determine who the first player in a game is. 

This is done by simply turning over a random card and following the instruction to figure out who the start player is.

The instruction might be to identify the player with the longest hair, and the player with the longest hair becomes the first player. This simple solution for turn-based games will make a fun gift for board game lovers.

4. Dungeons And Dragons Player’s Handbook 

It is one thing to take part in a roleplaying game, and it is an entirely different thing to be part of the creation of heroic characters for one of the best roleplaying games in the world.

The Dungeons and Dragons Player Handbook allows you to have this experience as it comes with all the rules for character creation and advancement, skills and background, spells and equipment, exploration, and combat.

This is a great gift for the RPG curious as they get to play the roles of the characters they created in a story and navigate maps as a tale as limitless as their imagination unravels. With this handbook, you might just change your friend’s game night experience for the best. 

Player's Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons)

Click here to check it out and buy on Amazon.

5. Coasters

Those who love these games probably spend more time at the table than everyone else. And almost no one spends so much time at the table without a drink. It could be water, soda, or beer.

However, sweat from your drink can cause wear and bring damage to your table’s finish. That is why coasters are placed underneath the drinks. As ordinary, as it sounds, beautiful coasters make a pretty gift.

i. Meeple Coasters

Meeples are the people-characters in board games, so merely seeing them on a set of coasters will make any board game lover choose to use them and protect the table.

Spend some time to pick something that adds a great deal of brilliance to a home and you will be greatly appreciated.

Meeple Board Game Coasters (qty 4)

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

ii. Polyhedron Coasters – Dungeons And Dragons Geek Barware

This set of four board game-themed coasters is handmade. They feature a D20 design engraved on them. Not only are they custom-made, but they are also durable as they come finished with high-quality paints and epoxies.

6. Dice Tray 

You will agree that errant dice are a bother, especially the ones that take forever to retrieve.

Getting a dice tray fixes this problem, as the sides of the tray are such that no die can roll off it. Dice trays make beautiful gifts that you could consider.

i. Eldertree Handmade Dice Tray

Eldertree produces handmade wooden dice trays of excellent value. They come in several sizes and fabrics to pick from. This is an item that will last for a long time as a result of its durability.

ii. Wyrmwood Tabletop Dice Tray

Every Wyrmwood Tabletop Dice Tray comes with a separate area for the storage of the dice when they are not in use, helping to make more room on the table.

Each tray is made of solid wood and constructed solid wood in a rectangular design. No two trays will look exactly alike, guaranteeing each tray a unique look.

The prices of Wyrmwood tabletop dice trays vary from $85 for the cherry tabletop dice tray to a whopping $285 for the Macassar Ebony tabletop dice tray.

These two dice trays and every other one in between them reek of class and prestige. These are truly noble gifts.

7. Plastic Organizer

Everyone loves a good challenge, and most games provide that. The very complex ones tend to provide something extra: a mess for you to clean up.

You know how all the excitement from your thrilling game session attempts to dissipate at the thought of all the tiny game pieces you have to put together.

And just when you think you have done a good job, you find a tiny game piece lying a few distances from the scene of the action, and you wonder if there was anything else you missed. 

If the person you intend to get the gift for is as much of a board game lover as you think, then getting them a plastic organizer to help them effectively organize their board game pieces will go a long way in meeting a need they did not know they had.

Doing this is a great way to show your game board lover that you are indeed a thoughtful friend.

8. Handmade Card Holders

When playing games — like Ticket to Ride — that involve you holding a lot of cards in your hands, it is somewhat tricky to organize your cards. Having a cardholder comes in really handy reducing the ache in your hand and makes organizing your cards easier. 

Many of these card holders come in oak, cherry, maple, and poplar, among some other wood types.

A board game lover will find a handmade cardholder as a thoughtful gift that they will value each time they sit down to a round of the game.

You can find many on Etsy, or you could check out this really cute one on Amazon.

SKAVIJ Wooden Handmade Rack Playing Card Holder Decorative Card Organizer Tray (Pack of 2, 6-Inch)

Click here to check it out and buy on Amazon.

9. Gaming Mat Or Game Table Cover

Gaming mats or game table covers reduce the tendency of pieces sliding apart. They provide an amazing playing surface that allows the game tiles to move across unhindered.

Another benefit of a game table cover is that it keeps your table from the scratches that could be caused by the game tiles. Besides, the scuffing and noise usually caused by the movement of game tiles on hard surfaces are greatly reduced. 

The ideal game table cover, like the Poker Mat Board Game Table Cover 32.6 x 32.6 inches, comes with a backing that prevents it from sliding on the table.

The Anti Slip And Noise Reduction Rubber Foam Mahjong Mat by GameLand is also a perfect choice. These mats and others are available for purchase on Amazon.

GAMELAND Anti Slip and Noise Reduction Rubber Foam Mahjong Mat Card Game Table Cover Poker Mat Board Game Table Cover 32.6 x 32.6 inches- Blue

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

10. Mugs And Glasses

Earlier we mentioned that game-themed coasters were a beautiful gift idea. Well, things have to be placed on the coasters. So, it will not be a bad idea to get a beautiful mug for any board game lover.

Board Games Mug Funny Gift For Board Gamer Lover Present Idea Social Party Parlor Game Player Fan Addict Novelty Gag Joke I Like And Maybe 3 People Coffee Tea Cup 11 Oz

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

11. Meeple Cloth And Accessories

Since the meeple is the icon of the board game community, any item with a meeple immediately reveals the identity of a board gamer.

Any clothing item or accessory with the meeple designed on it will go a long way in showing a person that you cared enough about their passion to find a way to incorporate it into a gift.

Yes, some people can be so sentimental, and rightly so. Let us take a look at some of these items to give you some ideas.

i. Shirts

There is hardly anyone out there who has no use for a shirt. Nowadays, people use their clothes to express their personality and inform people of their interests without having to say anything with their mouths. They just allow their clothes to do the talking.

Pick a shirt that will enable your friend to express their passion.

Coffee Bean Meeple - Board Game T-Shirt

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

ii. Hats

From pom-pom knit caps to baseball caps, and even Robin Hood hats, you can help your friend’s hats game with the wide selection of game-themed hats available on platforms like Amazon.

Vintage MEEPLE Boardgame Hats Children's Trucker Hat Baseball Cap Adjustable Hat Ball Cap Black

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

iii. Baby Clothes

Let your friends know that their lives will only get better with the arrival of their new baby with cute baby clothes that scream board game lovers.

Your friends will be reminded that they have someone out there who has got their back – you. A thoughtful gift like this may earn you a perennial spot in their hearts.

iv. Patches And Pin Badges

The person you have in mind to get a gift for may happen to love pins and patches on their clothes, so, go for it. There are various options available on online platforms. 

Board Game Inspector: Blank Lined Journal

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

v. Earrings, Necklaces, And Cufflinks

In addition to pins, there is a lot of high-quality jewelry for board gamers such as earrings, cufflinks, and necklaces. You can find valuable gifts that will last a long time from the plethora available for purchase.

Groomsmen Cuff Links, blonde Meeple Cuff links, Wedding Cuff links, Geek cuffs

Click here to check these out and buy on Amazon.

12. Posters And Stickers

When you love something, people around you get to know by either listening to you or watching you.

Board game lovers tend to decorate their space with the posters of their favorite games, and if you want something lightweight and inexpensive, but still valuable, stickers are a perfect choice.

This will enable your friend to be reminded of both you and the board game when they pick an item that they affixed the sticker to.

A Design World Decals for Cars Board Game Addict Meeple Board Games - Vinyl Decal Truck Car Laptop Wall Sticker

Click here to check this out and buy on Amazon.

13. Magazine Subscription

Another gift that is seldom thought about is a magazine subscription. Boardgame magazines keep the tabletop games enthusiast abreast of major happenings, grants them access to exclusive interviews with game designers, highlights amazing Kickstarters, and advertises upcoming games.

Almost every board gamer will appreciate a subscription to any of the best board game industry magazines available. 

i. Tabletop Gaming Magazine

A great pick for a board game magazine is the Tabletop Gaming Magazine. Although the printed editions are published only in the United Kingdom, you can easily purchase the digital editions from PocketMags and then give the gift code you receive to your friend who loves these games.

You can also get the printed version straight from the publisher at their official website if your friend is in the United Kingdom, albeit, for a slightly higher subscription fee. Be sure to choose the duration you want to purchase a subscription for.

14. Unique Board Games

Having looked at some non-game gifts, we will take a look at some games that are so unique it is likely your friend does not own a set. Imagine getting a game your friend has only dreamed of getting.

i. KeyForge

KeyForge was created by the famous designer of Magic: The Gathering; Richard Garfield and published in 2018 by Fantasy Flight Games.

In this unique deck card game, players take the role of Archons in the Crucible’s world. The goal is to be the first to collect enough Æmber to forge three keys.

The two players in this game seek to achieve the goal by using a single deck of cards to play creatures, actions, artifacts, and upgrades.

While creatures may earn Æmber and fight one another, artifacts provide the unique effects needed. Upgrades are attached to creatures to help improve their abilities, while actions are used and discarded. 

The game includes 26 Æmber tokens, 10 Power Status cards, a Radiant Argus the Supreme starter deck, a Miss “Onyx” Censorius starter deck, 22 damage tokens, ten Stun Status cards, 2 unique KeyForge Archon decks, 6 Key tokens, and 2 Chain Tracker cards with tokens.

Although the players cannot customize their decks, every deck is unique. The game is suitable for players ages 14 years and up and has a playing time of between 15 to 45 minutes.

FFG Key Forge: Call of The Archons Deck KF02a

Click here to check it out and buy on Amazon.

ii. Thornwatch

If your friend is an advanced player, you can get the Thornwatch for them. Thornwatch was also published in 2018 just like KeyForge. However, it was designed by Chad Brown, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Mike Selinker, and Rodney Thompson.

It is a fantasy game of three to six players set against the backdrop of a magical forest called Eyrewood. It has a playing time of between 30 to 180 minutes, and is suitable for players ages thirteen years and up.

One player gets the role of the Judge and chooses to be either the passive, manipulative Judge of Stars or the predatory and aggressive Judge Below. This player is the one who enacts the will of the Judging Will.

The other players play any of the following heroes of Thornwatch: the Guard, Sage, Greenheart, Warden, or Blade. And they are all defined by two skills out of the five that they possess.

While the Sage delivers mind and spirit, the Guard delivers brawn and agility. The Greenheart and Warden switch mind and agility to play druid and ranger roles. And as the clever rogue of the whole mix, the Blade picks up those two skills.

The Judge first selects a storyboard. Once the players overcome the first challenge that arises in the form of Thornwatch manifesting as a tree surrounded by thorny brambles, which is a symbolization of conflict, they can proceed to more adventure.

A scene ends when the players either attain that scene’s goal or fail at some negative goal.

This fantasy adventure cooperative game is tricky to learn, but once you get a grasp of it, you will enjoy bliss all the way. Give this as a gift to that board game nerd.

Thornwatch Graphic Novel Adventure Game

Click here to check it out and buy on Amazon.

iii. L.L. Bean Deluxe Scrabble/Monopoly

If you want to give a family of board gamers a gift, then this is the perfect family game.

This is another pricey creation of L.L. Bean that heightens the feeling of nostalgia. This deluxe Monopoly set comes with a Scrabble board as well.

The L.L. Bean Deluxe Scrabble/Monopoly set is a reversible board that houses Scrabble on one side and a Monopoly on the other.

It is set in a solid wood case and comes with both built-in storage for all the game pieces and a lazy Susan that the board rotates on to face each player. At an extra charge, you can add engravings, like a personalized nameplate on the boards. 

In addition to all the game pieces needed for both games, the Monopoly board set has various unique game pieces like a tote, boot, moose, canoe, and a lantern.

Apart from being the best family game here, gamers who like to do it the old school way will have a thrill receiving this deluxe Scrabble/Monopoly set as a gift. This game set is suitable for two to four players ages eight years and up.

15. Gift Cards

Gift cards are another amazing option for you to give to people.

i. Escape Room Gift Card

If your friend loves puzzles and has not tried Escape rooms, you might be able to provide all the encouragement they need.

And your friend may be no stranger to the thrills that spending about an hour in a room full of puzzles simply to solve them and find a way of escape. In both cases, getting them a gift card for an escape room near them is a great option.

ii. Board Game Café Gift Card

There are board game cafés where friends and strangers alike go to try out new games and see if it is something they will like to purchase.

If your friend has got a board game café nearby, maybe consider getting them a gift card to go spend some quality time there. They will appreciate it. That’s for sure.

iii. Amazon Gift Card

If you want to be sure that your friend gets the exact game they desire, then consider getting them an Amazon gift card.

This will ensure that you do not get the game they already have or do not desire for personal reasons. Instead, the gift card will enable them to select the perfect board game they desire from the loads of games that Amazon has in stock.


You do not have to wait for an occasion to send your loved one a gift. The very thought that so many gift options are available for board game lovers ought to be enough to get you in the giving mood. But make sure you are thoughtful with your gift giving.

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